Manage and Control Financial Performance

At the office or on-the-go

Make better, more informed decisions with input from across your organization.

Built around a state-of-the-art trust accounting platform, PGFundConnection is a comprehensive web-based service designed to minimize the daily back-office administrative work of running Planned Giving operations.

Our open architecture allows for rapid customization and simplified integration with other client packages.

Integrate existing custodians, investment managers, advisors and brokers to produce informative recordkeeping and general ledger entries. 

Ensure your assets are being received, controlled and invested appropriately with our automated system based on:

  • Donor preferences or client investment policies and guidelines
  • Compliance with donor fund or client-level spending policies 
  • Monitoring of pledged and other restricted assets 

Not Just a Pretty Face : our technology will actively improve your reporting capabilities whilst minimizing the time spent: 

  • Works with separately managed investment accounts with daily valuations.
  • Holds all asset classes, fixed income instruments, mutual funds, hedge funds, real estate, insurance policies and more.
  • Guarantees timely processing and posting of new gifts with electronic account reconciliation of cash management and investment accounts.
  • Ability to support FAS 116/117 and FAS 157 (ASC 820) compliant reporting requirements based around standard or client determined categories.
  • Use Dashboards to allow operational staff and executives to view key performance indicators and track trends over time.
  • Interactively change report criteria online to view different slices of data or change date ranges to expand or reduce time ranges.