Connect with your donors

Engage your donors to build valuable relationships.

We offer the opportunity for a closer interaction with donors to provide a more effective response to new appeals.

 We provide the ability for Donors to make one-click donations NOW.

Know your donors

Access an integrated profile containing all relationships, links and affiliations donors may have.

Effortlessly obtain individual gift or grant details or view detailed donor contract records.

Grow your relationships

Communicate effectively with phone calls, emails, mailed campaign and donation solicitations.

Use links to social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and blogs directly through DonorSphere™.

Inform donors and enhance funding

Allow your team to create and update content on DonorSphere™ as well as adding messages to statements, providing online reporting to donors, and highlighting ongoing campaigns.

DonorSphere™ provides online reporting access for donors, financial advisors and other interested parties to view accounts, contribution histories and statements.


DonorSphere™ will automatically email your donors on receipt by you of their grant recommendations, when such recommendations have been approved by you and when the grantees have received their donations.